Solitaire Social Club

Solitaire Social Club - Club Organisation

Welcome to Solitaire Social ClubThe Social Club for West Surrey & East/NE Hampshire

Solitaire sets out to offer members a dynamic and varied schedule of events every month and these are published in a monthly programme, which is co-ordinated by a committee member.

Events are hosted by members of the club, who propose and organise one or two each a year.

Our aim is to hold at least one event on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week of the year with additional activities throughout the week.

New members are not expected to host an event before they feel assimilated into the club and comfortable about hosting an evening.

All members, new and established, may be offered guidance and practical help in organising their proposed event.

Solitaire is not a dating club, though the requirement is that you are single when you join.

Should you, in the course of time, meet someone within the club or elsewhere, you may remain a member.

Solitaire is governed by a written constitution, which you will receive when you join the club.