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Welcome to Solitaire Social ClubThe Social Club for West Surrey & East/NE Hampshire

This page offers a selection of Solitaire events. You need to look at the current News Letter and Event Programme for the full list.

  • Members should please check the printed programme to confirm details such as meeting places and start times and whether pre-booking is necessary.
  • Non-members interested in attending please get in touch and tell us what you would like to try. Unless more specific instructions are provided for an event, you can e-mail us for advice on the Contact Us page. Non-members are welcome to attend up to three Club Nights or other Solitaire events on a trial basis, without becoming committed to joining the Club.

Regular events


Mondays and Thursdays
On Monday evenings a group from Solitaire enjoy badminton at Farnham Sports Centre. The Monday sessions are for beginners and improvers. New members who wish to learn the game are made particularly welcome. On Thursday evenings a more experienced group play at Farnham. This is an evening for players who are not total beginners.

In both cases, a small charge is collected to pay for the hire of the courts.

If you are coming for the first time, please tell the organiser in advance so they can book enough courts. Non-members interested in joining Solitaire are welcome and should initially contact the secretary via the Contact Us page.


Every so often, usually on a Friday or Saturday night, Solitaire spends an evening in one of the local pubs enjoying a game of Darts. The location varies, so consult the monthly News Letter and Event Programme, or watch this space.

Optional meal beforehand, at 7:30 p.m. and, if you are eating, please contact the Solitaire host in advance to order either a basket of food or a meal from the menu. The host's phone number is in member's Event Programme, or you can be put in touch by sending an e-mail asking for information to the secretary via the Contact Us page. If it's just the darts, perhaps including a bar snack, come along by 8:00 p.m..

Non-members welcome, just contact the club and ask to be put in touch with the host.


Solitaire try to fit a skittles evening into the programme every couple of months or so. skittles If you want to see a lot of members really enjoying themselves then skittles is the event not to be missed. Even if you have never tried it before, chances are you will do as well as some of our "experts"! Beginners often come out with the best score of the evening - it's that sort of game.

Members and non-members alike are welcome to join in our skittles evenings - but the event is always popular, so make sure you get your name down early. You need to get in touch as soon as you can with the Solitaire host (the phone number is in the Event Programme) and declare your choice of food. If you are a non-member and want to be put in touch, send a message to the secretary via the Contact Us page.

Eating - In and Out

Restaurants, pubs, fish and chips, bar-b-ques, home entertaining...

Recent venues have included:

    Traditional Plaice in Farnham
    Zizzi's in Farnham
    Hen and Chicken in Froyle
    Cinnamon Indian in Frimley
    Seven Stars in Stroud, near Petersfield
    Jolly Farmer in Runfold


Come on all you golfers, join us for a round. If you haven't tried golf before, shame on you. But never mind - look in on the Solitaire Golf Society - and see what you have been missing.

The Solitaire Golf Society meets for a round of golf every few weeks, throughout the year on a Sunday afternoon and in the summer on a weeknight evening also. It's a non-exclusive group - all Solitaire members are welcome to come and find out what it is all about.

The location for Solitaire golf varies. Ask the organiser about plans for future golf sessions. It is best to know in advance who is coming, so please phone in before the day (the organiser's phone numbers are in the programme), or contact the secretary via the Contact Us page. Beginners, including non-members, welcome to join us.


Almost every weekend a Solitaire member organises a walk, usually between 4 and 6 miles but sometimes up to 8 miles, within from the Hampshire/Berkshire border in the north down to the South Downs, from Alton to Woking.

In the summer we often take advantage of warm summer evenings for an evening walk, perhaps including a pub stop on the way

Walking boots are recommended for all walks. Full details in the monthly programme.

Theatres, cinemas, concerts and shows

There are frequent visits to theatres, cinemas, concerts and shows. Venues include:

    Prince's Hall in Aldershot
    Lakeside, Frimley Green
    Festival Hall in Petersfield
    Farnham Maltings
    Camberley Theatre

Full details in the monthly programme.

10-pin bowling

If you enjoy 10-Pin bowling, an opportunity to join in the fun. If you haven't tried before, this is your chance to start. Beginners are definitely welcome.

A group from Solitaire goes to Aldershot Bowl one evenings every four to six weeks. Please meet in the bar by 7:45 p.m., ready to bowl from 8:00 p.m..

The organiser needs to know who is coming, so the right number of lanes are booked. Members should phone him (the phone number is in the programme).

Non members can be put in contact with the 10-pin organiser via the secretary on the Contact Us page.


Ideas for Events. Each calendar month, one committee member takes the lead in co-ordinating that month's programme of events. Refer to this month's copy to find out who this will be and give them a call.

If you have an idea and would like help or advice on how to organise an event around it, just ask someone on the Committee.

Bits and Pieces. To support parties, barbecues and similar events, Committee members can help you out by arranging loans of items such as wine glasses, plates, cutlery, CDs, a garden marquee. Once again, if you have an idea but need some help, just ask.

Tickets for Concerts, Shows, etc.. If your event involves booking a quantity of tickets in advance, there is a need to decide how many to book and how to collect payments from other members who want to attend. If you have not done this before, please get advice from someone on the Committee before you actually book anything. It's bad news if the Club ends up with unsold tickets.



As a general principle, Solitaire makes no charge for participation in events, such as country walks, where no costs are incurred. If you take part, you normally pay your own costs - admission charges, refreshments, etc. - as they arise. Events requiring Pre-Booking and Pre-Payment

Some events require payment before the day of the event, for example to buy theatre tickets, hire transport, book a venue. Hosts for such events usually need to know in advance who will be coming. When you put your name down for an event, you are telling the Host you are going to turn up. If a ticket has to be bought, the Host will arrange to buy it and you are expected to pay for it. If you are not sure about going, speak to the Host up front. The normal arrangements are described below.


You can make a booking in any of these ways:

  • By contacting the host direct; or
  • By putting your name into the "Blue Book" (available on Club Nights); or
  • By sending an e-mail to the secretary via the Contact Us page.


You normally make payment for tickets, etc. direct to the event Host:

  • If the event is less than two months away at the time of booking, you are responsible for making immediate payment to the event Host.
  • For tickets up to £15.00, payment in full is required to confirm the booking.
  • For tickets above £15.00, a deposit of £10.00 is enough to confirm the booking. In this case, you must make sure to pay the balance to the event Host at the very latest immediately before the event. Note that non-members must always pay the full amount at the time of booking.
  • If the event is more than two months away at the time of booking, you should still book as above, but you do not need to make payment until the two-month date.

If your booking is not backed up by payment as above, the Host is entitled to offer your place to others.


Special arrangements apply to events which have to be booked a long time in advance (such as London shows) or involving large costs (such as holidays away). Any different or special arrangements will be explained by the Host through the Event Programme.


If you have to cancel:

  • Do give the Host as much notice as you can, so people are not left waiting for you to turn up. If you can't get hold of the Host, ring a Committee Member. If it is a last minute cancellation, tell someone else who is going.
  • If a ticket has been bought, or other funds committed on your behalf, it is your responsibility to pay in full.
  • If you can find someone else to use and pay for your ticket, that is fine. If you tell the Host in good time, others can help you find a replacement.