Solitaire Social Club

Solitaire Social Club - Monthly Programme

Welcome to Solitaire Social ClubThe Social Club for West Surrey & East/NE Hampshire

Club members are entitled to a copy of the monthly Events Programme.
This includes:

  • Details of Solitaire monthly events.
  • Information on regular activities, such as Badminton, Golf, Darts and Skittles sessions.
  • Locations for the Club Nights.
  • Notices, news and welcomes to new members.
  • How to contact members on the Solitaire Committee.

If you are interested in membership and live in the Solitaire area, ask for a copy of the current month's event programme. Just get in touch and tell us what you would like to try. You can email us via the Contact Us webpage.

Non-members are welcome to attend up to three Club Nights or other Solitaire events on a trial basis, without becoming committed to joining the Club.